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RMFS registration is open to EVERYONE, however RMFS athletes have priority over out of region athletes. Out of region athletes please see last bullet. To purchase your IFSA/RMFS memberships.. please visit www.freeskiers.org 

*You are allowed 3 regional events ONLY this season and are NOT guaranteed to get your first 3 choices- 

*All events will open on the same day this year Be sure to check this website and/or the www.freeskiers.org website and find the event you want to register for and note the day/time each event registration opens, as some events fill up in minutes- THIS INFORMATION IS ALSO ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND THIS WEBSITE UNDER SCHEDULE

*Not all events are open to all ages and categories.. please check the home page or the schedule page, keeping in mind U12 snowboarders are part of the snowboarding schedule! 

* OUT OF REGION ATHLETES: Please contact rockymountainfreerideseries@gmail.com and we will let you know if we can get you in. Please understand we are the largest region with over 500 athletes and we will do our best to get you in.

Every event requires an RMFS Athlete profile that is found below. Please bring a new updated one with you to each event!

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