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Monarch Mountain - Saturday, February 24, 2019           Registration opens 01/10/19 at 7PM MST on

This event is open to U12 ONLY AND ATHLETES ANY AGE WHO ARE NOT COLLECTING IFSA POINT (subject to at least 3 athletes in each age group)

More Information coming soon.

Ticket costs:

$35 Competitor Tickets, ages 7-12, for the comp day and the day before (TK-IFSAJR Special)

$45 Competitor Ticket, Ages 13+, for the comp day and the day before  (K-CMPTION Special)

$54 Adult ticket with any valid Colorado Season Pass

Lodging information....

For the 2018 event The Monarch Lodge (located 2 miles down the street and not a part of Monarch Mtn.) offered $90 rooms for everyone. 

Call and see if they will offer again!

AND!! Monarch Mtn (Where the athlete meeting is each morning) will be selling breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwhiches, along with coffee each morning as well, starting at 7:45/8am

This is NOT the only place you can stay, as the town of Salida has options as well, however you'll have to find those!