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Independent Athlete Information:

RMFS loves our independents athletes and we have made the following changes for the safety of the athletes:

- No Independent athletes will be allowed to compete or inspect without an IFSA certified coach present
- To become an IFSA certified coach, you must register online and take the course @ www.freeskiers.org
- When an independent athlete registers for any RMFS event, you will need to state who your coach is, and that coach must attend the event with you; this will be double checked at every event check in. If an IFSA certified coach is not present, you will not be allowed to compete, this is for the safety of the athletes.
- To be an independent athlete and coach, means you are forgoing a team. Even though our RMFS coaches are experienced, friendly and willing to often help, it is not their responsibility to ensure your athlete is getting attention at the top of the start gate, or at the finish. Please keep this in mind when you ask another team to help out.