RMFS Purpose

To create a cohesive group within the Rocky Mtn. Region (Colorado and New Mexico) to benefit junior athletes through the freeride competitions under the governing body of IFSA

Our Mission

With the increase in demand for freeriding competitions, RMFS was formed by coaches to ensure all athletes were given the same amount of regional competitions, gain consistency in our regional events and work with each other to provide a fun and safe environment for our athletes.

Thank you for hosting the IFSA Comp at Monarch. It was my family’s first time there and we enjoyed both the ski area and Salida. You did an amazing job getting everyone who works for the ski area on board for the Comp from Ski Patrol to the folks in the ticket office — it seemed flawless
— Aparna H, Freeride parent

What We're working on... 

  • Guaranteeing each athlete 4 regional events

  • Consistency at Competitions

  • Solid Volunteer Foundation

  • Inspection Guidelines

  • Judging Consistency

  • Sponsorships

  • Mountain Relationships